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Physical Location

Our physical business office is located on the United States in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Our hosting facilities are located in multiple geographically separate locations including Spartanburg, SC, Atlanta, GA, and San Francisco, CA.

Hardware and Software

Our servers, routers, and switches are state of the art.
We use only Cisco Routers and switches to ensure the highest levels of network stability and performance.

All of our servers are connected via Intel Pro 10/100 Server adapters, these ethernet cards are built to handle the highest loads possible, and are the same cards as used in the fastest webservers on the net! All of our core servers are the latest high availability servers as offered by Compaq. All of our non-branded servers are assembled custom for us using only pre-approved hardware which we have selected for the best performance and highest reliability.

For our hosting offerings we have chosen to run the stable and robust UNIX operating system. We use both BSD and Linux based operating systems, and leverage their strengths to provide the fastest most reliable hosting services for our clients. We manage and administrate various operating systems for our dedicated hosting and co-location customers including, Windows NT 3.51, 4.0 and Windows 2000 Servers, Solaris running on both Sparc, and Intel based systems, we even manage the occasional MacOS servers that our clients might wish to host with us.


We lease our up-stream bandwidth and physical hosting spaces only from tier-1 network providers to ensure the fastest and most reliable connections possible for our clients. We are aware that you might have seen hundreds of webhosting companies claiming to be tier-1 hosts. If that was true, the net would be a much bigger faster place! The fact is, there are only 12 true tier-1 network providers currently on the North American Continent, and we contract bandwidth and physical hosting from 3 of the fastest of these providers. A tier-1 provider is officially classified as a provider who has connected directly to the Internet backbone via at least five of the major Network Access Points (NAP's) with a minimum connection of at least an OC3 (155mps) to each NAP. Most tier-1's have dedicated circuits running to all of the public and private peering points on the North American continent as well as dedicated access to overseas bandwidth. How does this compare to companies like MCI, Sprint, Verizion, and others? All of those national carriers contract their bandwidth through tier-1 providers.

Just to give you an idea of the bandwidth we have available to our customers: Most hosting companies run off of anywhere from a T1 (1.5mps) or a T3/DS3 (45mps), you may even see the occasional one that offers hosting via an OC3 (155mps). The smallest network provider we have bandwidth contracted from has a total of over 5,200mps of bandwidth available to them, and our largest has in excess of 15,000mps of total available bandwidth.

Disaster Prevention

We are equipped with the latest hardware monitoring and data backup technologies.

All of our contracted data centers are built to keep operating environments at a constant temperature. and in the safest possible enviroments. This includes the latest in fire suppression systems, battery backups, and backup generators to ensure that all equipment is protected from both internal and external threats. These are the same facilities that national networks such as MCI, Sprint, Verizion, etc. rely on to keep their networks up and running. Each facility is a true tier-1 hosted and managed facility. All facilities are secured via key-card systems and 24-hour video surveillance. We trust each of our contracted data centers enough to put tens of thousands of dollars of our own equipment into each one, and we trust them enough to place our customers equipment there as well!

Technical Staff

All of our contracted facilities are staffed by trained technicians who are available to handle any problems which may arise. Each data center is staffed 24/7 to ensure that there is always someone on hand should there be a physical need to work with a system. Our business office is also staffed by our own technicians who remotely manage all other aspects of operations such as server administration, remote backup, management of user accounts, and end-user technical support, etc. We also have secured the services of numerous service companies and support personnel local to each of our contracted data centers to ensure the best possible support we can give our clients.

Bottom line -- we are here to support you. We value, appreciate, and respect the fact that our customers have chosen to host with us, and do everything possible to give them the best possible service and value that we are able to offer to them.

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