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Hosting Plans and Pricing

We offer two types of shared hosting plans to cover all of your hosting needs.

Our shared plans are hosted on our custom designed servers and are managed by our expert staff. Unlike our competition, we keep the number of sites per server to a minimum so your site runs as fast as possible.

Basically, we handle all the technical headaches of manage the server, so all you have to worry about is promoting your site!

  1. Un-Metered Transfer Plans ("flat rate") - No suprise bandwidth charges!

    Need to stay on a budget? Our un-metered plans are very popular due the flat rate pricing. You get a dedicated percentage of the resource on our server farm including disk space, memory, cou time, etc. Just pick the plan that fits your needs, upload your site, and relax. No suprises, no hidden fees or gotcha's.

  2. Metered Plans - (per GB pricing) - Designed for sites needing the ultimate in speed...

    No resource limits at all. Offers unlimited CPU time, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited transfers, free site updates. These plans start as low as $0 per month!

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